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Maguinabotelho 4 days ago

Cheese Danish

There is nothing at New Boston Bakery that isn't delicious. So many options daily. The customer service is top notch. It is my to go place.

Kaitlin.Lambert 10 days ago

Assorted Pastries

High quality ingredients and great presentation! The chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! This is also where I get my husband his birthday treats every year for the past 7 years.

Etravassos73 11 days ago


This is by far my absolute favorite sandwich here. I get the bread toasted and it's delicious.

Casalima 13 days ago

Assorted Pastries

I live for their cream filled turnovers! Actually all of their pastries are delicious, as are other breakfast treats and lunch goodies but the turnovers will always have a special place in my heart.

Ccardozo220 25 days ago

The Highlander

My favorite dish on the menu! Everything is always fresh and the tuna is delicious!

Chantelle2175 26 days ago


I've had this sandwich several times , which is amazing , I love the specialty bread it's made on and there's plenty of turkey and veggies to make this sandwich not only great tasting but satisfying. I've also had the kale soup , many times and it's always yummy . I can never leave without taking a pastry home . One of my favorite stops when I'm in Fall River.

Rachellmharper94 27 days ago

Assorted Pastries

The food here is amazing! Their oatmeal raisin cookies made my day!! Im definitely going back in for more. I want to try their chicken pot pie!!! Yummy!!

Dhgustaf about 1 month ago

Quinoa, Black Bean and Avocado Salad

Came here for lunch with work colleagues and we all ordered the daily special Quinoa and Black Bean salad. So good! Also grabbed a couple cookies for dessert. Everything was delicious. We came back the next day and ordered it again. This is our go-to lunch spot when we're in Fall River. Love it!

Troyraymandeville about 1 month ago

The Pilgrim

Out of this world. Hits the spot everytime.

Jemily1972 about 1 month ago

Cinnamon Sticks

I am OBSESSED with these cinnamon sticks. I've been coming to this bakery for about 6 years and my love for these pastries has just grown more than ever. This past year I would go extremely early in the morning, right before classes, and buy at least 7 of them. I am head over heels in love with them. I crave them all the time!!!! Give me the recipe!!!!!!!

Baguiar about 1 month ago

Chicken Salad

I think I go to NBB at least once a week for their chicken salad sandwiches. They are absolutely perfect. I don't know how they do it, but I am always in the mood for one. I especially like pairing it as a half sandwich with a cup of soup (most notably their zuppa or kale). And sometimes a chocolate chip cookie or two. Absolutely amazing!

Efurtado37 about 2 months ago

Assorted Pastries

My best friend and I had stopped in to try the pastries, I'm glad we did. We were able to sit outside in the yard and enjoyed a couple of your raspberry danishes and iced tea. I plan to return in the very near future.

Wilma1964 6 days ago

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Fabulous, so fresh, always a treat when we order from you for our lunch. Never mind the homemade pastries for dessert.

Raynette.Demello 10 days ago

Tuna Salad

For this visit, I ordered a tuna on sourdough with lettuce and pickles and added a strawberry turnover for dessert. Their food is always fresh, great flavor, and good portions. They have a great selection on their menu. The staff are friendly and always greet you with a smile. I have be eating here for years with both co-workers and family. I recommend you try it.

Laura 12 days ago

Butternut and Pesto Panini

Absolutely delicious!

Jtcduarte 18 days ago

The Stetson

What a delectable Panini! Mozzarella is always creamy , portabella perfection and basil is sweet and fresh! The drizzle of balsamic completes this vegetarian treat! Love NBB- delish food and superior service.

Machado.Jared88 26 days ago

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim sandwich here is amazing. I live in New Bedford but work out of Fall River. Luckily I work from home because otherwise I'd probably be getting a sandwich here at least once a week. With that said, when I am in the area and have to go into the office I may also use this as an excuse to splurge on purchases. The Pilgrim is perfect as it has all the fixings you want but is then panini pressed so you get everything in one bite and nothing falls out while you're eating unlike with other sandwiches. The toasty bread also adds to the experience! Needless to say, I've had this, the lemon pound cake (so bright and flavorful), their cookies, and many other things from here. Its a favorite and go to place for me in the area and every bit and bite is a delectable one and never a miss!

Erica 26 days ago


Delicious sandwich- top 5 favorite item on the list for sure- especially with a touch of cranberry sauce, so delicious and the combination of flavors are on point! Other favorites are the Strawberry Mango Salad, again can't go wrong with it, summer on a plate with it's bright flavors! The Butternut/Autumn bisque is a go-to when in season because it's everything you want in a soup in the fall- cozy and warm. My go-to summer seasonal item is the Watermelon Gazpacho- chilled soup with just the right flavors- pleasant surprise! Also must add that you cannot leave this place without taking a homemade pastry- I have many favorites such as the Strawberry Rhubarb turnover, Almond Raspberry cookie, Old Fashion Cookies and Chocolate Dipped Macaroons- Yes I've visited many times and love it here! The staff and views outside in the garden are a bonus too!

Connections02726 about 1 month ago

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Outstanding chicken caeser wrap. This one will not leave you hungry. Pastries are terrific as well, baked with quality ingredients.

Cfeeley94 about 1 month ago


This sandwich is delicious on the fabulous bread😋 The buffalo chicken sandwich is fantastic. Everything they make is delicious. Oh and love the best blueberry muffins full of blueberries! Love there corn chowder. Again everything from food to desert, you Can't Go Wrong👍👍👍

Jrepo517 about 1 month ago

Chicken Caesar Wrap

My office loves this place we order from here often! Thanks!

Rkochman about 1 month ago

Chicken Rice

NBB is the best. Everything is fresh! Incredible from Breakfast sandwiches to their soups to their dessert goodies! My mom from Houston craves everything about this place. Super nice staff too!

Sadie about 1 month ago

The Robeson

The panini was grilled to perfection and the pesto was Amazing and the chicken moist. It was extremely tasty and have thought about it regularly since having it. It's also nice they give you an option to do a half panini too. Also the raspberry thumbprints are to die for. :)


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